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Media owner: Zumtobel Group AG
Address: Höchster Strasse 8
A-6850 Dornbirn
Telephone: +43 5572 509 - 0
Fax: +43 5572 509 - 602
Head office: Dornbirn, Austria
Corporate object: Manufacture and sale of luminaires, lighting solutions and lighting components
Legal form: AG (= public limited company)
Management board: Ulrich Schumacher (CEO) | Karin Sonnenmoser (CFO) | Alfred Felder (COO)
Supervisory board: Johannes Burtscher (second Vice-Cairmain), Stephan Hutter (first Vice-Chairman), Rüdiger Kapitza, Hans-Peter Metzler, Fritz Zumtobel, Jürg Zumtobel (Chairman)
Works council representatives: Mario Wintschnig, Richard Apnar and Kai Arbinger
Shareholder structure: app. 34% Zumtobel Family, Dornbirn
app. 66% Free Float
Companies’ Register number: FN 62309 g
Companies’ Register court: Feldkirch
VAT identification no.: ATU 361 728 05
Chamber membership: Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce
Banking connection: BA-CA, account no. 0084-26314/00, bank code 11000
General orientation of the web site: Information on the Zumtobel Group: The company offers integral professional lighting solutions, luminaires, light management systems and lighting components for indoor and outdoor applications